Increase conversion rate with the perfect website

Increase conversion rate with the perfect website

We’ve all heard that a business needs their own website right? Of course. It’s a given today.

The question is, does having a website actually drive sales? Absolutely, if done properly.

Having a website is important. Great. Then what?

The goal of the website is one part information, one part introduction, and one part sales.

  1. Information consists of things like address, phone, email, etc.
  2. Introduction consists of your “About Us” page, etc.
  3. Sales is the wow factor of your product. How do you set your product apart from others. That is the “WOW”.

Conversion is the main reason businesses have a website. You want to convert browsers into buyers.

Fast is VERY important.

Studies show that people will move on from a website if it is slow.

  • Be sure to use a great web host.
  • Don’t overuse images. They slow down your site.
  • Update regularly. An outdated site is no good.